New Homes

You’ll notice a difference as soon as you visit any of the homes we have built, we do things just a bit differently. We’ve a streamlined process, do better things within your budget and build to make your new home a beautiful lifetime experience. From selecting your inclusions, to customizing it right to your needs, you would enjoy the journey of building your new home with us. PDN Homes specialise in building quality custom homes in Melbourne.

We stay in touch with you even after the project is complete as we value our clients and their satisfaction. We take pride in the fact that 75% of our customers come from client referrals. PDN Homes team is fully equipped and qualified with the latest knowledge about new home designs and construction techniques. Our expertise guarantees promising results which include the best quality material used, best workmanship and time efficient results.

New Home from the latest contemporary project management software with latest design techniques. We ensure the development is planned suitably according to your needs.

We also include extras such as driveways, fencing, landscaping into the design to give you peace of mind on no extra or hidden costs and give a well budgeted home. To discuss your project’s price estimations, contact PDN Homes Melbourne for a free consultation nd quote

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